Official dates: 05.09.2022 - 04.10.2022

Milkomeda DAO Hackathon

Milkomeda Foundation invites all builders around the world to come together and create the tools and solutions for decentralized governance in Cardano.

DAO Hackathon Repository

Join forces to build the future of DAOs on Cardano.

With Milkomeda, DAOs can be launched using the mature EVM-based ecosystem. We invite all builders around the world to come together and create the tools and solutions for decentralized governance in Cardano.

If you are web3 developer and would like to create novel solutions for DAOs apply for our 2-week hackathon.

  • teams


    You can join a team by yourself, or we can help you find a team.

  • profile


    Solidity Developers (experienced and beginners)

  • time


    2 weeks

  • format


    100% via online



  • UI for DAOs

    UI for DAOs

    User interface for DAOs

  • Tooling for DAOs

    Tooling for DAOs

    Manage and control your DAOs

  • Social DAOs

    Social DAOs

    Protocol Governance DAO and Exclusive Club DAOs (Exclusive Access to stuff).

  • DeFi DAOs

    DeFi DAOs

    Indexing / Investing

  • Bootstrapping DAOs

    Bootstrapping DAOs

    Airdrops tools for DAOs

  • Other cool ideas that you may have!

    Other cool ideas that you may have!



  • 1st place


  • 2nd place


  • 3rd place


  • Best idea


  • Closer to launch


  • Best pitch




Caro Rossi

CMO at dcSpark, Focus on

Pitch & General Setup


Nicolas Arqueros

Co-founder and CEO at

dcSpark, Focus on Tech


Wyatt Khosrowshahi

Investor at Shima Capital


Karyna Sovich

Events and Sponsorship Lead at Binance


Bullish Dumpling

Media Partner from the community


Galen Law-Kun

Founder at Double Peak Group


Judging Criteria

  • Rule 1

    You need to start coding at day 1

  • Rule 2

    You need to make publicly available a github repo with the code

  • Rule 3

    You can use other publicly available projects to bootstrap

  • technical

    Technical Implementation

  • design


  • impact



  • development


  • pitch


Media Partners





Bullish Dumpling



Rick McCracken






  • Day 1

    YouTube stream


    Milkomeda overview

    Rules & General overview of the Hackathon

    Short team presentation


  • Day 2-5


    Work! Discord Channel open for any doubts!

  • Day 7

    First feedback

    Early Feedback

    How to Pitch Workshop

  • Day 8-end


    Work! Discord Channel open for any doubts!

  • Day End

    Send your video pitch and a link to the project at [email protected]

    Pitch + Demo Structure:

    Pitch time: 5 minutes

    Presentation & Structure:

    • Create your Deck with slides that explain your project.

    Structure of the Deck:

    • Problem
    • Solution
    • Demo
    • Technology & Design
    • Market & Benchmark
    • Next Steps
    • Team

    +3 days to review for Judges

The DAO Hackathon is an online competition hosted by Milkomeda Foundation. Projects will be evaluated by judges on their technological merits without consideration of legal viability. Participants in the Hackathon will create software solely for purposes of evaluation by judges as part of a competition and not for commercial deployment or release as part of the Hackathon. All participants must comply with applicable laws and regulations when releasing any software that they develop as part of the Hackathon.

The Hackathon ideas and developer resources that Milkomeda Foundation (“MF”) provides are for educational and inspirational purposes only. MF does not encourage, induce or sanction the deployment of any such applications in violation of applicable laws or regulations. MF does not encourage, induce or sanction the deployment, integration or use of any such applications (including the code comprising any relevant blockchain protocol) in violation of applicable laws or regulations and hereby prohibits any such deployment, integration or use. This includes use of any such applications by the reader (a) in violation of export control or sanctions laws of the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction, (b) if the reader is located in or ordinarily resident in a country or territory subject to comprehensive sanctions administered by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), (c) if the reader is or is working on behalf of a Specially Designated National (SDN) or a person subject to similar blocking or denied party prohibitions, or (d) in violation of the Commodities and Exchange Act.

The reader should be aware that U.S. export control and sanctions laws prohibit U.S. persons (and other persons that are subject to such laws) from transacting with persons in certain countries and territories or that are on the SDN list. As a project based primarily on open-source software, it is possible that such sanctioned persons may nevertheless bypass prohibitions, obtain the code comprising a blockchain protocol (or other project code or applications) and deploy, integrate, or otherwise use it. Accordingly, there is a risk to individuals that other persons using the blockchain protocol may be sanctioned persons and that transactions with such persons would be a violation of U.S. export controls and sanctions law. This risk applies to individuals, organizations, and other ecosystem participants that deploy, integrate, or use the blockchain protocol code directly (e.g., as a node operator), and individuals that transact on the blockchain through light clients, third party interfaces, and/or wallet software.

MF further represents that any monetary prizes awarded are awarded within the sole discretion of MF. Such a monetary prize is not an endorsement of the recipient nor the legality of the recipient’s code. All Hackathon participants understand and warrant that they are participating on a voluntary basis and that there is no expectation of monetary compensation for their participation in the Hackathon.